Wednesday, October 24, 2007

~How to Install Daedalus 12 on your PSP and play Nintendo 64 games on your PSP~

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NOTE: This is a tutorial to play N64 games on your PSP. This program requires custom firmware to use.

Daedalus is simply a a N64 emulator, which has been noted to be the best N64 emulator for the PSP so far. Not all games work on it, but a lot are playable, and even a few run about the same.

Files You Will Need:

  1. Daedalus 12:

Step 1:

Download the above file and connect your PSP to your computer via USB.

Step 2:

Open the folder ‘Daedalus Folders’ and you will see 2 folders: ‘Daedalus’ and ‘Daedalus%’. Look on your computer for your PSP (removable drive) and go to the base of your memory stick (will have the PSP, Video, Music, Picture files). Click on the ‘PSP’ folder and then the ‘GAME150’. Paste the two files you saw earlier, the ‘Daedalus’ and the ‘Daedalus%’ folders into the ‘GAME150’ folder. Now you finished installation.

Step 3:

Now you need to get a ROM file of the Nintendo 64 game you want to play, and put it in the ‘Daedalus’ folder in the ‘Roms’ folder. Now exit out of USB mode, then go over to the ‘Gane’ tab on the main menu of your PSP. It is called the XMB (the main psp menu). Then go to the ‘Memory Stick’ option and click on it. Daedalus will pop up and you can select your game to play. There ya go, you should now be able to play N64 games on your PSP.


You can speed up your N64 games by selecting the Frameskip option to "2". To do this, just go to edit preferences and choose that option.

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