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~How to Downgrade any PSP with firmware 3.50 or lower~

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NOTE: This is a tutorial to downgrade any PSP with a firmware of 3.50 or lower. Pay attention, it is a long tutorial, I will try to make it as easy to understand as I can. ALSO: there is a small chance that your PSP might get bricked from trying to downgrade your PSP. You are going through with this process at your own risk and I am not liable to what might happen. Even if your PSP gets bricked(which will only happen if you do'nt follow the directions carefully enough), there IS a fairly easy way to recover from that, you just need a ‘Pandora’s Battery’ and a ‘Magic Memory Stick’.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Lumines I: Puzzle Fusion. The game. NOTE: Not Lumines II.
  2. File- 3.50 Downgrade file-
  3. File- 1.50 Update file-
  4. File- 3.50 Update file (optional)
  5. WinRar- a program to open/extract the files. -

Reasons for these Things:

  1. The Lumines I game includes a file in it that has been exploited to work with the downgrade files to downgrade any PSP that has 3.50 firmware.
  2. This downgrade file works with the Lumines I game to create another file used to downgrade a 3.50 PSP.
  3. This file is needed to Update to the 1.50 firmware once it is downgraded by the 3.50 downgrade files.
  4. (optional) This file is needed to update to 3.50 if you aren’t already, because this downgrade process requires your PSP to be at 3.50 firmware.
  5. (optional) Can use WinRar to open/extract the downloaded files.

Step 1: (optional, Upgrade to 3.50)

*If you aren’t already at 3.50 firmware, you need to download the 3.50 Update file.

*In the mean time, connect your PSP to your computer and enter USB mode. Go on your computer and open the ‘removable disk’ drive in the ‘My Computer’ window.

*Once you open that, the window of the base of the memory stick will pop up. From there, click on PSP -> Game -> Update. If you don’t have an ‘Update’ folder in the ‘Game’ folder, then make one.

*Now notice the file once you download it, it is called. ‘13840_EBOOT.PBP’. You will need to rename it to ‘EBOOT.PBP’. Then copy/paste this file to the ‘Update’ folder.

*Now go to your PSP and exit out of USB Mode, then head over to the Game tab and then click on the Memory Stick option. The 3.50 update file will show up, so click on that and update. After it is done, you will then be at 3.50 firmware and then ready for the Downgrading process. Also: you can go back to the ‘Update’ folder and delete the ‘EBOOT.PBP’ file as you are finished using it.

Step 2: (1. Preparation Process)

*Now you need to download the 3.50 Downgrade file, and the 1.50 Update file.

*Once the 3.50 Downgrade file downloads, open it and you will see the ‘PSP’ folder. Extract the folder to your desktop. After it is extracted, a new 3.50 downgrade file will pop up. Open it.

*Once you open it, a new window will pop up including the ‘PSP’ folder. Then, assuming your PSP is still connected to your computer in USB mode, go to the base of the memory stick, and copy/paste the new ‘PSP’ folder over to your PSP’s ‘PSP’ folder. NOTE: an option will pop up to overwrite the folders on your memory stick. So if you have any Lumines Save data files on your psp, you will need to back them up, or they will get deleted.

*After the files finish copying over, open the 1.50 Update folder. The ‘1.50 EBOOT.PBP’ file will be in there. Then extract the file to your desktop. Then open the new file that was just made on your desktop.

*Now go back to your Memory Stick window. From the base of your memory stick, click on PSP -> Game -> UPDATE. NOW, go back to the EBOOT.PBP file in the 1.50 downgrade window. Rename it to ‘UPDATE.PBP’ and cut/paste it to the ‘UPDATE’ folder on your Memory Stick.

*Now exit of out USB Mode Finally! Put in you Lumines I game into your PSP and start it up.

Step 3: (2. Downgrading Process)

*Now, the Lumines game is booting up. Let all the pictures and stuff pop up. Ubisoft and Bandai and all that.

*When the Lumines game finally finishes booting up and the Lumines menu pops up and tells you to press start, press start. Once you do that, the screen goes erratic and turns blue and black. After a little wait, the screen goes back to the PSP menu.

*You can now go to the ‘Settings’ tab and go to ‘System Information’. Now your PSP should be labled as ‘3.50 HEN’.

*Now go back to Game -> Memory Stick. A new application should pop up called ‘PSP Update Ver. X.YZ’ It should be a redd-ish icon. Click on it and now you shall shortly begin to downgrade.

*A screen will pop up and say “Extracting special prx’s from pbp…” Then after that, another screen will pop up and it will ask you to press “X” to begin downgrading. [NOTE: your PSP might speak of needing to be patched, press “X” if you agree. There is still a chance to back out, Press the “R” button and it will cease the downgrading process.

*Your PSP has now begun to Downgrade! After it finished, it asks you to reset your psp by pressing “X”, just follow the directions on-screen. (The screen will have the word “OK” huge on the screen. Congratulations, you have just downgraded your PSP to 1.50.

Have fun with your new awesome PSP!


If you have any problems with this just ask and I will try to fill you in and help you resolve the problem.
If the above links to downloads happen to be down, let me know and I will happily re-upload them for you. Your PSP will ONLY brick if you do not follow the directions. However, if your PSP does indeed brick, you can easily unbrick using the Pandora's Battery method.

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