Monday, October 22, 2007

~Run Cintro from your memory stick (RISK FREE)~

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I must admit, I did not make this tutorial. This excellent tutorial was made by a moderator on the forums, 'staxx'. He has allowed me to use this tutorial on my site. I do not take any credit for this except being the one to copy/paste it to this site =P.

Alright, your probably wondering what Cintro is and what this version does right? Cintro is a program that allows you to play a movie intro when you turn on your psp. In the past people were limited to using an intro of a certain size because it wrote to your flash memory. With this version, you can have an intro as big or as small as you like because it reads from your memory stick instead of your flash memory.

Here’s an example of what a Cintro looks like on your psp…
Click here for the Cintro example
Click here for another Cintro example

Alright, now that you understand what this program is about, lets get started with the process of putting a custom intro onto your psp RISK FREE.

Tools Required
- Computer
- USB Cord
- Cintro Mod Download
- Custom Firmware
- PMF (Your movie intro)

- Cintro Mod
- (Optional) PMF


Step 1. Download Cintro Mod from HERE.

Step 2. Unzip/Extract the files from your download to your computer.

Step 3. Connect your PSP to your computer.

Step 4. From the files you just unzipped, open up the folder entitled “MS_ROOT” and copy the folder entitled “PSP” onto the root of your PSP’s memory stick. (Just overwrite the one that’s already there)

Step 5. Copy your pmf file (movie) to your “Intro folder” located PSP > System > Intro and rename your pmf to “intro.pmf”.

Step 6. Turn off your PSP completely, then power it back on while holding the “R Trigger” button to enter recovery mode.

Step 7. Navigate to the configuration menu, enable “Autorun program at…” and set your “Game folder hombrew” to “1.50 kernel”. OPTIONAL If you like, you can enable “Skip SCE logo

Step 8. Exit recovery mode.

If you need a PMF you may use the one provided in the downloads of this tutorial, or you can search for cintro’s on google

Congratulations…Now whenever you turn on your PSP you will see a movie play instead of the standard Sony Computer Entertainment screen. Have fun!

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