Monday, October 22, 2007

~How to Convert about ANY file to a different file~

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NOTE: This is a tutorial to convert any file such as a MPEG-2 into a MPEG-4. Or a flash video (.flv) to a MPEG-4. You can also convert any picture file into a different format. Or you can convert different text files into a different one. I highly recommend the site I will use in this tutorial to convert any file you need to convert.

Things You Will Need:

1. Internet Access
2. This Website URL:

Step 1:

First, just find or get the file you want to convert.

Step 2:

• Go to There is an option to browse for a url or file to convert. Chose whichever you need to, to find the thing you want to convert.
• Then it asks you to select the ‘INPUT Format’, sometimes it auto-detects and you don’t even need to mess with this, but sometimes you do. Select whichever format you want to convert, such as if you want to convert a Youtube video to something you select Flash Video (.flv) as the input format.
• Now you need to chose an output format, go to whichever format you want, such as if you want to convert that youtube video into PSP format, you select the option ‘PLAYSTATION (PSP) MP4 Video (.mp4).
• Now once you have the options selected, check the box where it says ‘I accept the terms’ and click on ‘OK’.
• Now it might take a while depending on the file size, to convert the file. There you go, you have successfully (hopefully) converted your file into another file.


If you have any problems with this just ask and I will try to fill you in and help you resolve the problem. I highly recommend ‘’ it is one of the best file converters on the net.

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LNA said...

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what makes them amazing is you can add up to 5 different file formats, i used them to convert a document and couple of audio files.

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