Monday, October 22, 2007

~How to put your standard DVD movies onto your PSP handheld~

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NOTE: This is meant for personal use to put your movies that you bought onto your psp to watch on it. It is not meant for illegal purposes.

Files You Will Need:

  1. DVD Decrypter
  2. PSP Video 9

Step 1:

Download the 2 files above.

Step 2:

Find the DVD which you want to play on your psp and insert it into the CD slot in your computer. Open up DVD Decrypter and in the main window of the program, click on ‘Tools’ then ‘Settings’. Look around for the ‘IFO Mode’ tab and move over to it. Look for the ‘File Splitting’ option and set it to “None”. After you change that, then go back to the main window of DVD Decrypter and click on the ‘Mode’ tab and select ‘IFO’. Then go back to the main window again and click ‘Edit’ and select ‘Select Main Movie PGC’.

Step 3:

Once you change all the options in DVD Decrypter, you are almost ready to rip your DVD. Now take notice of the picture, Next what you want to do is click on option ‘1.’. It will give you the option to determine where you want the movie file to be sent to when it is ripped. Find out where you want it then you are ready to rip! Select option ‘2.’, it will make the rip begin.

Step 4:

Once the DVD finishes ripping, open up PSP Video 9. At the main menu of PSP Video 9, click on the ‘Convert’ Tab. Then under ‘Transcoding Queue’ click on ‘One-Click Transcode’ and the window will pop of which file you want to convert. Go to where you chose the destination of the DVD ripped file. Then click on the VOB FILE and click open. The converting process will begin immediately.

Step 5:

Once the file is converted, connect your psp to your computer via USB. Then from the base of your memory stick click on the ‘VIDEO’ folder. Go to the MPEG or AVC video file and copy/paste it to inside the ‘VIDEO’ folder on your psp. Congratulations, you have just converted your DVD movie onto your PSP handheld system and it should be ready to play.


If you have any problems with this just ask and I will try to fill you in and help you resolve the problem.

If the above links to downloads happen to be down, tell me and I will happily re-upload them for you.

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