Monday, October 22, 2007

~How to make ISO files out of YOUR PS1 games and compress it to a EBOOT file to play on your PSP~

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NOTE: This tutorial is meant for the purpose of making iso files of your ps1 games in order to play them on your PSP. It is not meant for illegal purposes of distributing the files to others. This program requires the use of a custom firmware, preferably 3.40 OE-A or 3.52 M33. This is a complicated process at first, so pay attention closely.

Files You Will Need:

  1. AutoPopstation4:

Step 1:

Download the above file and insert the PS1 disc you want to rip into your computer.

Step 2:

Open the Autopopstation4 file and go from AutoPopstation4/CoreData/ISO Producer.exe. Click on ‘ISO Producer.exe’ and click on the ‘Configure Plugin’ option.

Match your options with mine, however, your drive might vary, but mine is Drive E. (it is the drive that shows up when you have a disk in your cd slot) After you fix your options up, click ‘Make ISO’ and save it in the ‘AutoPopstation4’ folder where the ‘Autopopstation4.bat’ file and the ‘readme.txt’ and ‘Result’ folder’.

Step 3:

Once the ISO is finished, you now need to make an EBOOT of the file.

*Open ‘Autopopstation4.bat’ and type in part of the name of the ISO file you just made, and press enter.

*Then type in the name you want the game to be called, and press enter.

*AutoPopstation will then try to access a database of the different ps1 gamecodes, press ‘y’ and press enter.

*Then type in the name of the game you are ripping, to reduce the amount of results of gamecodes you will get.

*Find the code of the game you have and type it in the area below. [Ex: SCUS76935(just a random number, it will have 4 letters in front of the code and some numbers, you must include the letters). And press enter.

*Then set the compression level to 9 by typing ‘9’ in the space., and press enter.

*Then it gives you the option to use “D” or “G”. Press D and press enter.

*Then it shows you the task that you are about to attempt, then press ‘Y’ to continue with the process and make the Eboot file. Or ‘Q’ to quit. And press Enter.. Congratulations, you just made an Eboot file on a PS1 game to play and enjoy on your PSP!


If you have any problems with this tutorial, just ask and I’ll do my best to help you out. If the link above is currently inactive, then just tell me and ill re-upload it again ASAP.


Anonymous said...

How much are the games actually compressed? I have a few PS1 games I want on my PSP, but I am stuck with a 512MB card for a while.

AdventWolf said...

Depends which game but usually 200-400mb on some of the bigger games.

jason said...

if the psx game is in the computer and the disc is nt with me what should i do?

AdventWolf said...

What file is the PSX game? You can convert the file to eboot form using a program called 'icetea'. download it here

Anonymous said...

hey how come i can't play the game it says that the copyright protection information is invalid how do i solve this?

-ryan email me responce at if you want

Anonymous said...

How come I can't play it when it says Cpoyright information is invalid how do i solve this? I need an answer quick so e-mail me the answer at

Anonymous said...

Sorry i meant Copyright with the comment above

AdventWolf said...

When you play what?

Yummee Mummee said...

can i do this also for my pc games? :)

AdventWolf said...

Nah I wish :P.

Anonymous said...

When i play any psp game. Since i don't have custom firmware. I know how to get custom firmware but my psp fat's battery is kinda different, please check out this video and give me suggestions on how to make pandora battery out of it

Anonymous said...

The one who posted the copyright question and pandora battery question is me

AdventWolf said...

SO when you try to play a PSP game you get an error? I have no idea.
And about your pandora battery question, I didn't hard-mod my battery, I used software to turn my battery into a pandora's. I didn't open mine up and change anything.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me what that software is so i can download it for my PSP Phat.

AdventWolf said...

It is called UMPS