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*How to upgrade your 1.50 PSP to 3.40 OE*

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NOTE: This is a tutorial made for you to upgrade your 1.50 PSP to the custom firmware 3.40 OE made by Dark_AleX. Pay attention closely, there is a small chance your PSP may get bricked. Although it is your decision to go through with this tutorial, so neither am I, Dark_AleX, or this website liable to what might happen to your PSP. On the other hand, if your PSP does brick, then you can fairly easily unbrick it using the Pandora’s Battery/Magic Memory Stick option.

Things You Need:

  1. A 1.50 PSP, if your PSP isn’t 1.50, and is 3.50 or lower, you can downgrade it using the Lumines downgrade. Otherwise, you can downgrade using Pandora’s Battery.
  2. File- 1.50 EBOOT file - http://rapidshare.com/files/64035884/EBOOT_1.50.zip.html
  3. File- 3.40 Official SONY Update – http://rapidshare.com/files/64049891/PSP_340_UPDATE.RAR.html
  4. File- 3.40 OE Update file- http://rapidshare.com/files/64049099/340_oea.rar.html
  5. A PSP battery with more than 75% batter life.

Step 1: (Preparation)

*(optional) It is recommended to back up the files on your Memory Stick and then format your memory stick. The option is available under Settings -> system settings on the XMB. (main PSP menu) Also, remove any UMD from your PSP before beginning this process.

*First, download the 3 above files, but for now, we are going to work with the 3.40 OE folder: ‘340_oea.rar’. Extract this folder to your desktop. Connect your PSP to your computer via USB and enter USB Mode.

*Inside the 3.40 oea folder, there are the following files:

I labeled each of them to express in the tutorial, however, you don’t really even use ‘5’ and ‘6’ in this tutorial, but you can look at them to read about these files.

*Depending on which firmware you are trying to upgrade from, you will need to put the ‘1’ and ‘2’ folders in different places. A 1.50 firmware user would put the two folders in the ‘GAME’ folder on your PSP under MS/PSP/GAME. A 2.XX or 3.XX(a 3.xx custom firmware lower than 3.40) firmware user would put the ‘1’ and ‘2’ folders in the ‘GAME150’ folder under MS/PSP/GAME/GAME150.

*Now we are messing with the 3.40 Official Sony Update folder. Extract it to your desktop. Inside, there is a file called ‘340.PBP’. NOTE: If you downloaded the Sony Official 3.40 Update from somewhere else, inside the folder, the ‘340.PBP’ file may be named ‘EBOOT.PBP’. So you will have to rename it to ‘340.PBP’.

*Now we are messing with the 1.50 EBOOT folder. Extract it to your desktop. Inside, there is a file called ‘1.50 EBOOT.PBP’, so rename it to ‘150.PBP’.

*Once you both have the ‘340.PBP’ and the ‘150.PBP’ files ready, copy/paste them into the ‘2’ folder under MS/PSP/GAME/oeupdmaker if you are at 1.50 firmware. If you are at 2.xx or 3.xx, then you put them into the GAME150/oeupdmaker folder. As shown in my picture.

Step 2: (Beginning Process)

*Now exit out of USB Mode and you are now ready to begin the process. Go to the Game tab and then Memory Stick. Click on the ‘3.40 OE-A Update Maker’, This will create the ‘DATA.DXAR’ file in the ‘2’ folder.

*Enter back into USB Mode once you are redirected to the XMB. Then copy/paste the ‘3’ and ‘4’ folders into the same folder you put the ‘1’ and ‘2’ folders.

*Now open the ‘2’ folder and you will see the ‘DATA.DXAR’ file, cut/paste that file and put it in the ‘4’ folder’. Now exit out of USB Mode.

Step 3: (Upgrading Process)

*You are now ready to Upgrade to 3.40 OE-A. However, make sure your battery is charged over 75% and have your AC Adapter Plugged in.

*Now go to the game tab in the XMB and then click on Memory Stick. the ‘3.40 OE-A Firmware Install’ option should appear. Accept that and follow the directions on-screen. It will tell you to restart the PSP so hold the power button thing up until the green light turns off; make a complete shutdown of the PSP system.

Congratulations, you now have a 3.40 OE-A PSP! You can now play NES, GBA, SNES, N64 and SEGA emulators. You can use your PSP as a universal remote, or watch Youtube Videos directly off your PSP, and play backup iso files on your PSP. 3.40 OE-A has a built in PS1 Emulator, so use my tutorial to make an Eboot file out of your PS1 disc to play it on your PSP.

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